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One of the easiest ways to learn Java programming is by studying examples of solutions to a variety of programming problems.

“Learn Java by Example” is the perfect companion to anyone studying Java development, providing a wealth of example Java code to complement the coding skills being taught to you.

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Learning Java can be a daunting task.

Being taught the theory and actually putting it into practice are two very different things.

Learn Java by Example fills that gap by providing a high quality collection of solutions to popular Java problems.

An essential study tool for anyone learning Java.

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Simple Mortgage Calculator

This example expands on the Monthly Payment Calculator example we posted earlier. As well as calculating the monthly payment for a loan, it then goes on to use that to calculate the balance of the loan after each payment. This is often referred to as an amortisation schedule. The displayMonthlyBalance() method handles generating the schedule…


A popular problem is how to determine if a String is a Palindrome or not, the following will also assume we are only dealing with Palindromes of single words ie. no spaces or punctuation. The way to determine this is to compare the characters on the left and right ends of the String. If they…