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Bubble Sort

The Bubble Sort algorithm gets it’s name from the fact that on each pass, one element of the array ‘bubbles’ it’s way through to it’s correct (sorted) position in the array. Rather than me try and explain the details the following video gives a great visual demonstration of how the algorithm works. The source code…

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Counting numbers

The assignment here is to read a text file containing a list of numbers. We need to report how many numbers were in the file, the sum of all the numbers, the average of all numbers, and the minimum and maximum number. First step is to read the file and for this we can use…

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Prime numbers

Java 21.1.2011 No Comments

The assignment here is to calculate all prime numbers less than 100. The solution provided uses the following to determine if a given number is prime. 2 is prime Any number divisible by 2 is not prime If the number is divisible by any odd number then it is not prime Otherwise it is prime…

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